General planning detention basin Kremsau

General planning of the detention basin in Kremsau

Water District Linz
Project partners:
Upper Austrian soil test agency: natural foundation reconnaissance
DI Mayr agricultural Landwirtschaftliches estimation survey

The project area is located in the town regions of Wartberg an der Krems and Nußbach. The planning objective is the statement about the feasibility of the planned scheme.

The emphases of the planning lie in the following:

  • Determination of the prevailing flood runoff for the dimensioning of the aperture (?) construction.
  • Determination of the required backwater volume or reservoir area.
  • Definition of the exact location of the detention basin while considering the situation and, if possible, the wishes of the persons concerned. 3D-Animation of the detention basin and presentation for the affected parties. With this tool some questions of propery owners could be answered.
  • Clarification of the necessity of controls in the aperture construction considering all the consequences.
  • Design of the dam-body with simplified determination of the free-board. In the process an orientating ground reconnaissance was attended and its outcomes have been included.
  • Design of the controls.
  • Design of the aperture construction. First, the draft criteria were determined (max. drain out of the detention basin)
  • Determination of the reservoir area at associated flood situations.
  • Statements about the consequences on property owners with filling time and filling frequency.
  • Cost estimation


Entwurf des Durchlassbauwerks
3D Visualisierung des Rückhaltebeckens