PLACES Kick-Off Meeting

PLACES Kick-Off Meeting in Bologna
PLACES Kick-Off Meeting in Bologna

As follow-up project from SWITCH-ON, the Italy-based project PLACES evolved. It has been set up under the lead of FEEM and CMCC, together with GecoSistema, University of Bologna and our company.

The Italian partners developed an approach to indicate the flood inundation areas via a geomorphologic index.  Before getting tested in a broader area, the methodology has to be calibrated on hydraulic calculations, though.

And that´s exactly the point, where our slope water concept comes into action.

At the kick-off meeting on monday, September 18th 2017, the project was presented to various stakeholders of the region. We will contribute the hydraulic (flash flood) calculations for one or more test areas, where the new geomorphologoc approach will be tested.