Water supply

  • Aquatic exploration
    Location identification and site development for wells and springs
  • Development of submission projects
    for wells (Artesians, Associations), Service for well-drilling firms
  • Compiling of well plans – also for financial aid purposes
  • Pumping tests
    Execution and Analysis, Preservation of Evidence by using static penetration sounding rods with dat loggers
  • Planning
    of supply lines and supply networks with containers and pump stations
  • Pipe Cadastres
    Location of pipes, Registration of pipes and administration in a pipe cadastre
  • Expansion of existing water supply facilities
    Assessment of demand, Expansion of water tanks
  • Tenders, Production Supervision
    Account control of all building activities of the sanitary environmental engineering
  • Network Calculation
    Hydraulic-dynamic calculation of pipe networks
  • Designation of protection areas
    in accordance with the water law. Settlement of interest conflicts
  • Advice
    for towns and water unions/-communities
  • Appraisal and restoration suggestions
    of/for wells and tanks
  • Processing, System for the removal of bacteria
    of water for drinking water purposes or for the technical use, central or local facilities
  • Techical and hygienic inspection of water supply facilities
    under the directive of the §134 Water Act 1959 as amended
  • Interpretation of water examination findings
  • Irrigation Plants for Agriculture and Gardening