Sewage disposal

  • Planning and building of sewers
    Public and operational sewers for wastewater, combined wastewater, rain water, and overflow basins for rainwater
  • Canal Cadastre, Canal Database
    Registration and presentation of canals and other installations in a geographic info-system, combined of all available data sources. Thus, the canal’s location is as readily available as more specific information, such as the date of construction, material, most recent maintenance, diameter, laying depth, connections…
  • Purification Plant, Constructed Wetlands
    Starting with small facilities for single estates to middle-sized facilities we develop conventional aeration and trickle-filter plants, as well as constructed wetlands.
  • Optimisation of existing sewers
    Examinations of infiltration water, IT-supported sewer simulation
  • Dynamic modelling of sewage networks
    Mathematical simulation of precipitation events in the sewer
  • Third-party field inspection, Billing