Hydrology / Hydraulics

  • Hydrology, Rainfall-discharge-modelling
    Discharge calculation from rainfall data by means of various rainfall-discharge-models, determination of discharge of unsurveyed waters
  • Flood discharge
    Determination of flood discharge data as input parameter for further calculations.
  • Hydraulics, Numeric water body modelling
    with 2D-Simulation Hydro-AS-2D, stationary-unsteady, especially foreland floods and discharge in built-up areas are reflected very well. We can measure the discharges with special measuring devices for the calibration of the models.
  • Danger Zone Maps
    Development of Danger Zone Maps, Determination of flood areas, 2D-modelling
  • Reports
    about the flood depths in flood discharge areas, about development potential
  • Calculation of water surface profiles
    one-dimensional hydraulic modelling of a water body, both stationary and unsteady cases