Flood protection

All planning services for flood protection are based on the current RIWA-T.

  • GE-RM
    Development of water and risk management concepts. These are superordinate, river area-related plans and serve as a basis for decision-making for further planning. They include an inventory of the water situation and the risk of flooding, taking into account water ecology.
  • General projects
    The preparation of general projects has to show the objectives and the nature of the planned action in its basic principles. Development of variants and definition of the solution. A degree of maturity is achieved in such a way that projects can be developed on this basis.
  • Detailed projects
    Description of the actual state, calculation of the flooded areas, presentation of the effects on third parties, detailed detailed planning of measures, mass determination and cost estimation.
  • Regulations for flood protection structures
    Creation of operating regulations and alarm plans for linear measures as well as retention basins.
  • Cost-benefit analysis
    These investigations can be carried out for entire catchment areas as well as for detailed measures. The avoided flood damage is compared with the cost estimate.
  • Pond inspection and monitoring of flood protection systems and restraint measures
    Implementation of the engineering services required by the operating instructions and the emergency plan.
  • Flood documentation
    Documenting of past flood events by means of image cocations, surveys, surveys of water levels and presentation of the results in map form.
  • Flooding alert
    In areas where special knowledge in case of floodings is needed , we offer our highly trained staff with this special knowledge in flood formation and floodings.