Flash flood/Slope water

  • Slope water chart
    In the slope water map (M = 1: 5000), the total area for the entire municipality is determined, which is affected by the drainage of the waters to the rivers. The representation is to be carried out as a shallow depth of water divided into classes. The results will be delivered in a prepared form analogously and digitally for the municipal GIS system.
  • Slope water hazard plan
    In the slope water hazard plan (M = 1: 1000), the runoff of the slope water is shown on a large scale, taking into account the building development. The agreed catchment area is depicted in a hydraulic 2D model, water depths, flow velocities and water stop lines of a slope water hazard are determined. The basis is a DGM (1m grid). The result corresponds to a maximum possible water level at a selected annuality of the rain event. The results will be delivered analogously and digitally, in a prepared form, for the municipal GIS system.
  • Slope water measure plan
    Flood protection measures are proposed based on the slope water hazard plan. In this case, free spaces, discharge trenches, drainage pipes, retention basins, dams, protective walls, dams, floodpipes, sandbags, etc. are suitable. These measures are entered into the calculation model and a new hydraulic calculation is carried out.
  • Surface and slope water concepts
    Such concepts are often called for in the context of reclassification procedures. On the basis of the accuracy of the slope water hazard plan, concepts for the treatment of the rainwater are planned both on the surface itself and on the outside (uphill).