FP Krems, Nöstlbach-Weißenberg

Flood Protection Krems, Nöstlbach-Weißenberg

Water Union Unteres Kremstal
Project Partners:
Water District Linz
Engineering Office for water ecology Gumpinger, Wels
Upper Austrian soil test agency

The project area is located in the localities Nöstlbach and Weißenberg in the municipal areas of the towns of Ansfelden, Neuhofen an der Krems, and St. Marien. These two localities have about 1200 inhabitants, most have been affected by the flood in August 2002.
The project area currently has a protection against a 5-year flood situation. This measure is part of the feasibility study about flood protection possibilities in the whole detention area of the river Krems by DI Humer in the years of 2005/2006. Because of the low protection level, this measure will be done earlier than the other measures.

Basic conditions for the project:

  • In the project area there is a diversion plant, which will be reconstructed to diverted flow power station at the same time.
  • Below the weir plant on the right-hand side the Seiler creek ends into the river Krems. 150 running meters of the creek has been implemented in capped form. Above the aperture construction the Pachersdorfer creek flows into the Seiler creek as an right-shore feeder.
  • Strong infrastructural limitations because of almost completely continued housing development area on both sides with site development roads and pipe brackets (gas, canals, electricity, water pipes, telephone)
  • Road bridge over the river Krems
  • Traversing gas pipes below the bottom of the river
  • Authorised groundsills, property of a private person

Considering the situation of the affected parties, of the property owners and other interested parties the following substantial features of the flood protection in Nöstlbach-Weißenberg have been planned:

  • Stowage layout upstream of the weir plant as a compensation measure
  • Batardeaus on the left- and righthand foreland to prevent the floods of the hinterland
  • Organism ladders for the weir plant which has been carried out in a side-project
  • Along the shore of the Pachersdorfer creek a flood protection bank or a protection wall is planned, which will be integrated into the right-shore Batardeau.
  • Renaturation of the Pachersdorfer creek
  • Renaturation of the Seiler creek and fish-passable development of the aperture construction
  • Widening on the left shore in the less infrastructural hindered area
  • Enlargement of the drain cross section in the strongly infrastructural hindered settling area through the construction of ripraps (Grade 70°)
  • Rebuilding of the bridge section while lifting the lowest line of structure at the same time
  • Temporary flood protection. This measures are transitional solutions until the planned detention basins of the feasibility study Kremstal have been realised.